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Britannia Desi  - Cow  ghee 1ltr
Rs 427 Rs 415
you save Rs 12

Nestle Everyday Premium Punjab Ghee 1LTR
Rs 380 Rs 370
you save Rs 10

Britannia Desi - Cow  ghee 500ml
Rs 236 Rs 225
you save Rs 11

Mother Dairy Pure Ghee 1LTR
Rs 390 Rs 370
you save Rs 20

Amul Pure Ghee 1 Kg
Rs 390 Rs 385
you save Rs 5

Madhusudan Agmark Desi Ghee 500ML
Rs 210 Rs 190
you save Rs 20

Madhusudan Agmark Desi Ghee 1LTR
Rs 410 Rs 390
you save Rs 20

Nova Shudh Ghee 1LTR
Rs 405 Rs 390
you save Rs 15

Madhusudan Agmark Desi Ghee 200ML
Rs 82 Rs 78
you save Rs 4

Nova Pure Ghee 1ltr
Rs 401 Rs 390
you save Rs 11

Nova Shudh Ghee 500ML
Rs 210 Rs 190
you save Rs 20

Britannia Ghee Tin Pack 1 Liter
Rs 452 Rs 435
you save Rs 17

MilkFood Agmark Pure Ghee 1Ltr
Rs 390 Rs 370
you save Rs 20

Mother Dairy Pure Ghee 500ml
Rs 200 Rs 190
you save Rs 10

Patanjali Cow Ghee 500ml
Rs 230 Rs 229
you save Rs 1

Patanjali Cow Ghee 200ml
Rs 95 Rs 94
you save Rs 1

Heritage Ghee  1Ltr
Rs 395 Rs 375
you save Rs 20

D'Lecta Cow Ghee 1Ltr
Rs 430 Rs 408
you save Rs 22

Heritage Ghee 500ml
Rs 195 Rs 185
you save Rs 10

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Ghee is one of the essential ingredients in every kitchen.Ghee is used as variety of purpose like ccoking oil, used in making sweets, halwa and consumed directly with food.Ghee is used in making paratha, puri and many other food materials.ghee is good for health as is prepared by milk .At onekirana you can select wide range ofghee brands and select as per your requirements.onekirana offers you best deal of products at reasonable price.Some of the brands available at onekirana is Amul,Britannia, Nestle, Gokul,Madhusudan,Mother Dairy and many more which you can order directly and pay cash on can also pay through your debit cards or credit cards.