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Axe is one of the leading brands in Men grooming segment which is owned by a Dutch- British company Unilever and it is widely known in the market for its products, which serve towards the large young male demographics. In many part of the world Axe is also known by the name lynx. Axe was first launched in France way back in 1983 by Unilever after getting inspired by the other product of Unilever ,name Impulse. After the success in France, Unilever was very keen to capitalize the success in other parts of the world too so they started selling the products by the lynx and axe in other parts of world. Today Axe is a leading brand with few of the leading products of their segment. Axe’s leading product like fragranced aerosol deodorant body spray and some other formats very well exist and they are always in demand by the public. Axe releases annual fragrance variant every year and this is one of the key factors behind the success of the brand. Offering something new every year various types of fragrance evolved over time. Apart from fragrance based deodorants Axe also own products like shower gel, aftershave, shampoos, colognes, skin care products, skin care and hair styling products.